Free Basic Computer Class

Friday, September 7th


If you have questions about basic computer operations, email, Facebook, information searches, or any other basic computer topics, come to this free class for help.


*This class is limited to 4 students.

PA CareerLink Help

If you are having difficulty navigating the Job Gateway website, fear not! A staff member from the PA CareerLink will be on hand to assist you on Monday, August 13th and Monday, September 10th from 3:00-5:00PM. She will be available help you reset your password and update your resume on the PA CareerLink website in order to make you more marketable and job ready. If you would like, she can help you register for other events that are posted on the website as well. Come and learn how to navigate the PA CareerLink website!

For more information on these workshops, please contact Rebecca Whitney, PA CareerLink Talent Engagement Facilitator, at (814)853-5141 or at her email address

Quarter Note Prize Winners

A Josiah Mattocks

A Adam Rice

A Graclyn Jordan

A Xander Young

B Tommy McNamara

B Shawn Wilkinson

B Wyatt Klinginsmith

B Kaleo Ah Wong

C Leach McGill

C Leah Scott

C Dakota Shoop

C Glenn Sample

D Amber Dickson

D Ruby Retchloff

D Macy Walton

D Aleigha Powell

E Ava Walton

E Marley Bidwell

E Riley Wilkinson

E Melissa Mattocks

Eighth Note Prize Winners

A Azeyeeah Ebbert

B Mav Adkins

C Jordee Bidwell

D Trenton Dean

F Jackson Retchloff

G Clara Mattocks

H Graiham Jordan

I Chase Scott

K Parker Adkins

L Drew Young

M Chase Mulidoro

N Layla Wilkinson

P Anthony Taylor

Q Helen Grega

R Nolan Wilkinson

S Gemma Valencic

S Tristan Wishart

T Kayden Wilson

T Mitchell Kerr

U Sawyer Kerr

V Kensley Kerr

W Ariane Kirchner

X Aubri Friday

Y Brock Riley

Z Autumn Grega

1 Muriel Reedy

2 Emmalynn Wishart