Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week’s theme is “Unleash Your Story” to encourage teens to tell their own stories as well as find stories, biographies, autobiographies, folktales, and more in their local Library.

Starting Saturday, September 23rd we will have large blank bookmarks that teens can write a review of their favorite books. The bookmark will be placed in the books and they will be on special display in an area marked “Reviewed by Teens” where teens can find them easily.

At the end of Teen Read Week, October 8-14 we will randomly draw one of these bookmarks to receive a $15.00 Amazon gift card in celebration of Teen Read Week.

Pick up your book and bookmark and participate in this year’s Teen Read Week –Just for the FUN of it!!

Steak Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Steak Raffle Winners: Ed Gilliand, Kay Weagraff and Mark Salsbury. The drawing was held this morning at 10 at the library. Each winner receives a box of 16 ten ounce individually frozen sirloin strip steaks. Watch for our next steak raffle in the summer of 2018! Thank you to everyone who supported the library by purchasing tickets.

Labor Day Weekend and Saturday Hours

Saegertown Area Library will be closed Saturday, September 2nd, through Monday, September 4th, for Labor Day Weekend. Norman hours will resume on Tuesday. Additionally, Saturday hours will return to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. beginning Saturday, September 9th.

And the winners are…

Summer Reading Prize Winners are listed below. (There are consolation prizes available for those whose names were not drawn.)

Builders Prize Winners

A Kaleo Ah Wong

C Xander Young

C Josiah Mattocks

D Layne Krueger

E Parker Adkins

F Tommy McNamara

G Aubri Friday

G Natalie Hoke

H Gianna Zappia

I Chase Mulidoro

K Elliot Scouten

K Tristan Wishart

L Leah Scott

L Ruby Retchloff

N Kayden McClintock

O Emmalynn Wishart

P Avery Mulidoro

Q Clara Mattocks

R Lukas Ivanic

S Kyra McClymonds

T Bently Gable

U Trenton Dean

V Blake Steiger

W MAV Adkins

W Graiham Jordan

X Jackson Retchloff

Y Rylee Harlow

1 Lynnette Phelan

2 Drew Young

3 Kalani Ah Wong

4 Kayden Wilson


Makers Prizes

A Brody Evans

A Graclyn Jordan

B Dale Smith

B Madison Sutton

C Ava Walton

C Aleigha Powell

D Scout Valencic

D Melissa Mattocks

E Conner Montero

E Hunter Mulidoro


Movers Prizes

A Maggie Braymer

A Garrick Jordan

B Rylie Braymer

B Gabriel Jordan

C Emma Walton

C Olivia Lallemand

D Autumn Weed

D Nathan Frano

E David Powell

E Raya Schlosser


Teen Prizes

1st Kimmy Reisinger

2nd Lexie Vath

3rd Morgan Diesing

4th Erik Murphy

July Closures

Saegertown Area Library will be closed Tuesday, July 4, Friday, July 14, and Saturday, July 15. Will will be open regular hours all other days.

Next TAB Meeting

Teens who participated in our Teen Advisory Board Meeting on Monday voted to have the next meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12. We had a great beginning with ideas for teen programming. Teens interested in community service hours and helping the library serve you best are welcome to join.