Summer Reading Prize Winners

We had a great time with our Summer Reading Program! Thank you to everyone who participated. We had our prize drawing on Saturday, August 4. As promised, here is the list of winners:

Explore the Night Group

Rylee Prenatt

Megan Courson

Alexa Askey

Landis Crawford

Josh Frano

Anthony Weed

MacKenzie Tolbert

Trenton Wyant

Sam Shelenberger

Colton Steudler

Beka McClymonds

Morgan Ashley

Grace Triola

Camara McGuigan

Ryland Lutz


Little Dreamers

Lacey Mosbacher                             Marley Bidwell

Grant Anthony                                 Sutton Trzeciak

Sara Frey                                            Emma Walton

Austin Agnew                                    Braden Costello

Decker Cilas                                        Azora Riggle

Chloe Wensel                                     Sarah Mosbacher

Levi Gardner                                     Jack Smith

Angie Irons                                        Ella Marendt

Madison Smith                                  Laurel Steudler

Madison Pratt                                   Jayden Ishman

Zailey Lutz                                         Autumn Weed

Leah McGill                                       Izzy Irons

Maggie Triola                                   Carly Ashley

Chase Ishman                                  Chandler Davison

Rachel White                                   Ethan Ishman

Nathan Frano                                  Eric Steudler

Ross Triola                                        Tyler Irons

Alydia Zurcher                               Brennen McWright

R J Grayson                                      Adam Marendt

Evelyn Cilas

Congratulations to all our winners! Prizes may be picked up at the library anytime during open hours.